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HLBS ILIOS Camp Program

The HLBS ILIOS Camps Program’s aim is to assist children who don’t have the financial means, to attend summer and winter activities. The program assists children from Montréal, Laval and South Shore to attend as many as 10 different camps.

Camp Edphy in the Laurentian Mountains offers children a chance to participate in summer sports, horseback riding, boating and much more, for a two week period.

Various day camps of the Hellenic Community of Greater Montréal and many other activity camps, keep children active through-out the summer months and ease the parents’ minds.

We also work with Camp Massawippi, Care, Summit, Peter Hall, Giant Steps and MAB-Mackay to assist children and young adults of Greek origin to attend camps suited to their special needs. At the same time it gives the parents a much needed respite from their constant and often overwhelming care demands.

The Air Canada, “Dreams Take Flight” Board has once again chosen the HLBS, because of our camp program, to send 6 children to Disneyland in Florida for one day. This is the 15th consecutive year that we can offer children with special needs the opportunity of a lifetime that will bring a little happiness into their lives.

The HLBS ILIOS Camps Program, which has been in existence since 1988, has been very successful mainly because our supporters believe in the HLBS to do good and objective work to select the children that will benefit most from this program.

We want to extend a most sincere thank you to all our contributors and supporters for joining with us to bring a smile to our children’s faces.

Without you this Camp Program would not be possible.

Rena Christopoulos
Camps Chairperson

See also: HLBS Camp Program Poster (.pdf)

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