at November 18th from 10-2 pm

supporting us for
over 50 years

we raised
in 2022!

The “Marathon Agapi” Radiothon is the major fundraiser for our Community Assistance Program. Since 1969, our radiothon has been graciously hosted on CFMB Radio without cost.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Michael Tellides, who produces and directs the Hellenic Radio Program and Rena Papathanakou, a former radio host of CFMB, who have been dedicated supporters spear heading the Radiothon for over 52 years.

Additionally, throughout its existence the radio marathon has brought together key members of the Hellenic Community on air who encourage the annual participation and donations from our community at large.

We offer our sincere gratitude to Evanov Radio and the CFMB Team for their continued faith in our mission.

special words from
our sponsors

Belle Grivakis — HLSB President
RBC Spiros — Ελληνικά
RBC Spiros — English
RBC Pat Savoia
VVS — Ελληνικά
VVS — English
KRB Lawyers — Ελληνικά
KRB Lawyers — English
BMO Sandra Dampolias
Miron — Ελληνικά
Senator Tony Loffreda — Ελληνικά
Senator Tony Loffreda — English

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