About us

HLBS History

The Hellenic Ladies Benevolent Society is an autonomous, chartered, non-profit organization that came into existence in Montreal on November 25th, 1922. The mandate of this body, the first of its kind in North America, is to help the needy within the Hellenic community of Montreal and vicinity.



Our Mission

The Society has evolved with the times in order to respond to the ever-changing needs of its community. In providing emergency relief and in establishing community projects, it has accepted a tremendous challenge that is matched only by the determination and enthusiasm of its volunteers.

Our Achievements

Throughout the years, thousands of people have been helped through our:


Food, rent, clothing, furniture, utilities, medical expenses


Summer camp for children, elderly and handicapped; education; referrals to government and social agencies


Christmas and Easter financial help; burial plots and expenses

All this is being achieved thanks to the dedication of the volunteers and the support of our sponsors.

Board of Directors


Jane Apostolis, Roula Athanasopoulos, Anastasia Belecos (Recording Secretary), Joanne Bisbikos (Co-President), Rena Christopoulos, Effie Dracopoulos, Belle Grivakis, Helen Kalipolidis, Sandra Khoury (Co-Vice-President), Christina Maltezos, Christina Maroudas, Nitza Melas, Vicky Nikolakakos,  Matina Bisbikos-Priftakis (Co-Vice-President), Bernice Tzicas (Treasurer), Viola Vathilakis (Co-President), Mary Vosniades

Executive Committee

Co-Presidents: Joanne Bisbikos & Viola Vathilakis
First Vice President: Sandra Khoury
Second Vice President: Matina Bisbikos-Priftakis

Recording Secretary: Anastasia Belecos
Treasurer: Bernice Tzicas

Member: Effie Dracopoulos

Committee Chairs & Members


Co-Chairs: Roula Athanasopoulos & Vicky Nikolakakos
Member: Christina Maltezos


Co-Chairs: Matina Bisbikos-Priftakis & Viola Vathilakis
Treasurer: Sandra Khoury

Members: Belle Grivakis,  Nitza Melas, Jane Apostolis, Mary Vosniadis, Vicky Nikolakakos, Roula Athanasopoulos, Bernice Tzicas, & Joanne Bisbiskos


Chair: Sandra Khoury
Members: Anastasia Belecos & Jane Lekas


Chair: Belle Grivakis
Members: Sandra Khoury, Christina Maroudas & Nitza Melas

Educational Assistance Program

Chair: Joanne Bisbikos
Member: Helen Kalipolidis


Co-Chairs: Rena Christopoulos & Christina Maltezos
Member: Mary Vosniades

Bursary Committee

Chair: Effie Dracopoulos
Members: Joanne Bisbikos, Nitza Melas, Viola Vathilakis, Sandra Khoury, Helen Kalipolidis, Matina Bisbikos-Priftakis & Vicky Nikolakakos

Public Relations

Chair: Matina Bisbikos-Priftakis
Member: Effie Dracopoulos

Website & Newsletter

Co-Chairs: Matina Bisbikos-Priftakis & Effie Dracopoulos