Ilios “Gala” 2019: Save the Date

Ilios “Gala” 2019: Save the Date
April 11, 2019 HLBS

The HLBS invites you to attend the upcoming Ilios Gala which will be held at Le Windsor on Friday, May 31st, 2019, under the distinguished patronage of Senator Leo Housakos.

Our Ilios Gala raises the necessary funds to support our Summer Camp Program and our Educational Assistance Program which assists families with their children’s educational needs throughout the school year. The assistance provided by these two programs ensures a positive and successful year for many children in need. Please join us in celebrating this wonderful cause.

In order to continue this wonderful philanthropic endeavor we need your kind and strong support. Together we will make a difference in a child’s life and make this year’s event extra special.

Should you have any questions regarding the sponsorship options or to purchase your Gala tickets feel free to contact us.

See also (.pdf docs): Letter | Sponsor Contract